Twitter is Cancelling the Phrase 'Man Up'

By Kha Renn Miliger
Published At 23:08 on the 3rd of September 2020.

Twitter is cancelling the phrase 'man up' because the majority of the twitter hatemob believes that the phrase is TOXIC and promotes MISOGYNY when said to convince someone to be more confident/brave/tough about a given situation.

Twitter is also cancelling the adjective 'manly' for similar reasons, namely because manly means courageous, indicating that women can not be courageous.

Overall twitter's goal was generally well received or ignored although there were some slight objections from the older generations, the only place on the internet that wholeheartedly opposed the idea of removing the adjective manly from the oxford english dictionary.

4channers hacked multiple twitter accounts that wanted to get 'manly' removed from the dictionary, the less extreme people promoted the phrase "woman down" to anger feminist s BITCHES.

The phrase "woman down" became so popular on 4chan, namely on the politically incorrect board on 4chan that it has flooded the board .

"It has basically become the slogan of /pol/" - Knoberdy phykongeva

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