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Johnny Has Got Into BIG Legal Trouble

By Johnny Palmers
Published On August the 24th 2020 at 1:17am

Johnny Palmers has broken the law multiple times over the path few months by recording himself make girl-like sexual noises for japanese animated pornography using the in-built microphone on his fathers work computer. It was found out that he was breaking the law when he accidentally sent a video of him making the sounds instead of just the audio.

After being caught and being sent the date and details of his court hearing by mail, he sent a n e-mail to his mom saying:

Im in big LEGAL trouble
Uh SHIT guys I just found out
Voice acting in HENTAI
Counts as child PORN
This goddamn SUCKS

According to some of our millennial-aged journalists "HENTAI" is the name that the youngsters use for japanese animated porn.

Johnny Palmers is expected to receive between 3-10 months of juvenile detention as well as 1-3 years of community service, although the fact that it seems he didn't know that this was illegal and the fact that he is only 9 years old WILL be taken into account.

Johnny's Plea:
"Please dont put me in juvy, I didnt know I was breaking the law, and I have been strapped enough by my parents as it is"