Mary Lou's Honest Opinion Of San Abates

By Mary Lou
Published At 19:10 on the 12th of August 2020.

Uh... Hi guys, I am Mary Lou! I am 57 years old and I live on San Abates with my beautiful husband, my 5 adorable kids and our beloved bird GEronimo.

I have been on the island for about 8 years now. We found our new home after stopping here on a cruise and reaLising it was the perfect place for us to live. I was just stabbed with happiness and tranquilized with awe. Then tied up and dragged away into my new future. Metaphorically speaking .

I love the island so much. It is so Pretty and there are so many cool and fun things to do! Some of the kids favourites are greeting the newcomers, brushing their teeth and visiting the pipe museum.

I am shocked but not surprised about the news regarding the pipe issue. I actually have had a similar experience to what has been relayed to the public. Shortly after Moving into a new home here on the island I decided to become a raging homosexual and abandoned my family and my husband for a sexy lesbian woman.

I am running out of time to write this now so I would just like to add that this is 100% true and I am NOT being held at gunpoint whilE writing this.

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