Timmy's Exciting Invention

By Timmy Tomothan
Published At 22:14 on the 13th of August 2020.

Island local, Timmy Tomothan, has received first place prize in the San Abates Inventors competition with his innovative ‘penis protector’. The idea came to him in a dream one night and has taken the island by storm. Below is an interview with the man himself.

Stampson Jiggles (Interviewer): So Timmy, you said you came up with this idea in a dream. Can you tell us more about that?

Timmy Tomothan: Well I was asleep one day... one night, and I was thin... I was imagine how one day I would escape the island go on a holiday in a biiiiig balloon full of floaty air that would take me away to a place with basic human rights.

Stampson Jiggles: Wow that sounds very exciting Tommy. What happened after that?

Timmy Tomothan: Well I was up so high and then my shorts felled down cause and my willy was getting cold so I teared a bit of the balloon off and put it on my weenie and it wasnt cold anymore.

Stampson Jiggles: That is VERY creative Timmy!

Random Bystander: Sorry, Timmy... are you aware this is actually called a condom and you are being sued for claiming to have invented a product that already exists.

Timmy Tomothan: What does that mean?

Random Bystander: Say byebye to dreams and happiness

Sadly the interview was cut short and that is all the information we were able to gather from the magnificent 7 year old inventor. Catch us next time at The San Abates Times!

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